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Edgefield Ciders

All of our ciders are lightly carbonated, just under 7% ABV and made with gluten-free ingredients.

Apple Cider
(on tap year round)

Pale yellow gold in color, Edgefield Cider has aromas of fresh apple, apple skin, and pie spices.  Lively on the tongue, fresh apple flavor dominates with hints of pear and honey. Crisp and refreshing, the sweetness in this semi-sweet cider is balanced out by tart acidity.


Blackberry Cider
(on tap year round)

Dark garnet in color, the aromas of fresh blackberries burst from the glass.  The slightly tannic and tart blackberry component is balanced out by a small amount of residual sugar, while the fermented apple rounds out the mid-palate and finish.


Seasonal Ciders

As our standard hard cider grew in popularity, we expanded to seasonal ciders, drawing from the bounty of local berries as well as ginger, spices and other palates to craft inspired batches. Look for the rotating seasonal cider tap at all our locations.

Pomegranate Cider 


Our pomegranate cider is crafted with those unexpectedly gorgeous winter sunny days and the warming weather in mind.  The tartness of the pomegranate is balanced with the crispness and sweetness of the apple, making for a refreshing quaff rain or shine.


Cherry Cider


Made with a generous addition of dark cherry juice to a base of dry apple cider, this bright ruby-hued cider presents with a rich cherry-scented nose, with an undercurrent of fresh apples. In the mouth, sweet cherry flavors blend seamlessly with the tart acidity of the apples. 


Crangerine Dream 


Just in time for the holidays, our Crangerine Dream cider will be on tap at all locations starting in Early November. This seasonal offering is a bright garnet color with citrus and cranberry notes that pair perfectly with holiday meals and nights with friends. Try a pint and you’ll get a special Passport stamp as well.


Small Batch Ciders

We love experimentation and geeking out over cider! Our small-batch program allows us to try new flavors and styles. These ciders are available in limited release, but you can usually find one or two on tap in our tasting room and other select locations.

McMenamins Estate Cider

Rich and layered, this complex, unfiltered, barrel-aged dry cider is stylistically similar to those made in the Basque region of Spain. The cider is strong and tart, with a rustic nose encompassing baked apple and a hint of caramel. On the palate, the farmhouse character comes through. It is bright and spicy, with citrus notes and an undercurrent of fresh-baked bread. We make this cider using a “solera” system, where we hold back cider from previous vintages and blend it with the most recent cider, allowing us to capture the wild flavors we are seeking and ensure that they continue vintage to vintage.

Barrel-Aged Perry

Unfiltered and aged 6 months in neutral oak barrels, this Perry is made from true Yellow Huffcap Perry Pears, giving it a natural tannic complexity and bright acidity. In the glass it is cloudy and pale yellow, with a spicy bouquet of dried hay and lemon blossom. On the palate it is dry, with a full, rich mouthfeel. Notes of apricot, grilled pineapple, and bacon fat predominate, with subtle hints of ginger, brine, and leather.