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Liz Kelly-Campanale
January 1, 2017 | Shipping | Liz Kelly-Campanale

Shipping Changes

Due to changes with our wine fulfillment house, our ability to ship nationwide has been compromised for a short time. We are actively pursuing permits in other states (including several that we have been unable to ship to in the past), but for the next 2 - 3 months, the only states we will be able to ship to are: Alabama*, Alaska, California, Florida, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington, and the District of Columbia. Additionally, we can ship on-site (in person) sales to Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

Note: Shipments to Alabama must be consigned, with freight charges prepaid, directly to the individual in care of an ABC store (where taxes are rendered). The shipping address should be the ABC store where the wine will be picked up. Before the wine is shipped, you must fill out this authorization form and email to info@edgefieldwinery.comAlabama Wine Shipment Authorization Form


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